• CHECK-IN at 2 PM, CHECK-OUT at 11 AM.
  • RENT must be paid in advance, no later than 10 AM each day. No refunds.
  • QUIET HOURS: 10 PM - 7 AM. Please respect the rights of others.
  • SPEED LIMIT: 5 MPH - for everyone’s safety.
  • ALL SITES must be kept clean and neat at all times as determined by Management.
  • PARKING: No parking on the grass.
  • SEWER: Hook-ups must be airtight. Sewer rings are required.
  • LAWNS are watered at night. We assume no responsibility for items left outside.
  • GRILLS: Charcoal and gas grills must be on legs. No open fires are permitted.
  • NO SMOKING within 25 feet of any buildings.
  • RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: Open 24 hours for registered guests only. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult in restrooms and showers. Please leave CLEAN.
  • POOL & SPA: Proper swimwear must be worn at all times. You must shower before entering pool. Children must be supervised at all times.
  • LAUNDRY: Please stay with laundry; remove from washers and dryers promptly. No clotheslines please.
  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT: Check out at desk.
  • REFUSE: All trash must be bagged and put into park’s dumpster.
  • CHILDREN: SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN, and LET YOUR CHILDREN HAVE FUN. Misbehaving children will be spoken to the first time, taken to parents the second time, and asked to leave the park permanently the third time.
  • PETS: Pick up refuse left by your animal. KEEP YOUR PET ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES. Never leave your pet outside unattended, day or night. Pets are not allowed in the pool, store or restrooms.
We reserve the right to refuse anyone. We are not responsible for personal injury or property loss. Any person who defaces OR destroys park property will be held liable for its full value.
We are here to make your stay a pleasant one, and if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please let us know. If you enjoyed your time in this area, please tell your friends and come back soon! Thank you,

Red Mountain RV Park Management